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About Optimum RV

Our Purpose

At Optimum RV, our purpose is to get you on the road with the right RV, ready to explore the outdoors and create lifelong memories. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or upgrading to your dream motorhome, we promise to treat you like family. Our dedicated team will spend the time needed to ensure you feel comfortable and confident with your RV purchase. We understand that an RV is so much more than a vehicle. It’s a home. It’s an oasis. It’s a gateway for excitement and adventure. When you leave our property as a new RV owner, you can rest assured that you will have the knowledge, skills, and support you need to confidently head out onto the road for your next great family adventure.

Our Name

Optimum means the best condition or highest level of something. We strive every day to create the optimum conditions for you to find the perfect RV. We also strive to deliver the optimum level of sales and service possible. The word “optimum” for us is not just a catchy name on a billboard, it’s a word that drives us to be better every day. To make sure your RV buying and owning experience is the best in the industry.

Our Roots

It all started with a boat. Denver R. Beck, Founder and President of Optimum RV, began his sales career flipping boats. He would buy old boats, get them seaworthy again, and sell them for a modest profit. Then one day he bought an RV from one of his boat customers. Before he could even use it, he found himself responding to offers from former boat customers, friends, and family to buy it. From that first sale, he never looked back. Instantly, he recognized that he was selling more than a box with wheels. He was selling a lifestyle of freedom, exploration, and adventure.

The first Optimum RV sales center opened in Ocala, FL in 1999, situated beneath a shade canopy of towering cypress trees and rustic live oaks. This beautiful natural setting has kept us down to earth and authentic. In the early days it was literally a one-man show. Denver would personally buy, sell, and deliver RVs to his customers. He made a point to know every customer on a first-name basis, along with being approachable and accommodating. As a result, our roots grew deep into the community. They continue to grow and spread wider every day as we head into our third decade of making the RV lifestyle a reality for our customers.

Our People

Our “secret sauce” is not so secret. It’s on display every day. It’s our people. We take pride in hiring locally, promoting from within, and treating our employees with kindness and respect. We have several current employees that have been with Optimum RV from the beginning. Their longevity is a testimony to how they truly feel like a member of the family. It’s people like Ana and Richard that are the heart of Optimum RV. Here are their stories:

Ana Robey, Supervisor, Accounting & Operations

“Back in the early days, it was Denver, a mechanic, a salesperson, and me. We had only consignment sales at that time. My job was to clean and detail the RVs before pickup or delivery. But honestly, we all did whatever was needed to satisfy the customer,” recalls Ana Robey. She continues, “The best part of working here is that we are truly a family. We have each other’s backs.”

In the twelve years that Ana has worked at Optimum RV she has had several roles, from detailing, to customer service, to her role today as Title Supervisor. “Optimum RV is great because there is opportunity to work in different roles, which keeps it interesting. And because everyone is cross trained, we can help customers when they have questions that are not necessarily in our department. It’s this ability to help our customers in a personal way that makes us different,” says Ana.

Richard Wieczkowski, Sales Manager

Just like Ana, Richard began his 11-year career with Optimum RV cleaning and detailing RV’s. He has since worked his way up through the ranks to become Sales Manager. “Optimum RV has always tried to grow from within. As a result, just about everyone knows the entire operation from sales to service. This helps us take care of our customers in a way that other more “corporate” dealerships cannot,” says Richard.

He continues, “We’re all here for each other. We really do feel like we’re all part of the family. This goes for our customers, too. We go above and beyond to take care of them.” On one occasion Richard drove to Tennessee to deliver an RV to a customer that had to have it in time for Bike Week. He completed the purchase and delivery for this customer in one day. This is just one example of how committed our employees are to our family of customers.

Our Future

Optimum RV has grown to six locations across the nation, with dozens more new sales and service centers planned to open over the next few years. Our goal is to be the premier RV sales and service center in the nation. So, what does this growth mean for you? It means an even bigger selection of pre-owned and new RVs of every price and size imaginable, along with a wider range of after-sale services. We promise that as we grow, we will remain approachable, accommodating, and down-to-earth. We will always remember where we came from and how we got here. And, that it’s not about us. It’s about you.