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Vacationing tips for RV newcomers

Don’t Get Waste on Yourself: There’s likely a toilet in your RV so you’ll inevitably need to dump waste. When opening the storage compartment to remove the cap and connect the sewer hose to dump it, remember to close the dump valves. If you don’t, there’s going to be a mess!

Remember Your Toolkit: Bring a toolkit so you’re as prepared as reasonably possible for the unexpected that’s bound to happen at some point during the trip.

Pack Sufficient Cookware: If you rent an RV that has a stove and kitchen tools, check for pans, cutting boards, and silverware too. Should it have knives, make sure they're sharp enough. You don’t want to be in a position where any of this is missing.

Use Leveling Blocks: Stackable leveling blocks are placed under an RV’s wheels to level out the parking spot. Buy a set before embarking on the trip. If a level determines the RV isn’t flat, determine which wheels need lifting. Failure to do so can cause essentials to stop working like a refrigerator since many rely on gravity to cool properly and only happens when the RV is level.

Get to the Campground Before Dark: Map out the trip so you get to the overnight parking destination before dark. Whether a campground, RV park, or boondocking, it’s important to be able to see your surroundings. It’s challenging to see camping spot numbers and even harder to determine whether you’ve parked safely and level in the dark.

Download Camping Apps: Finding places to camp isn’t as easy as you may think especially during busy season. Campendium and Harvest Hosts are two apps we’d recommend using. Campendium provides honest reviews and detailed information on a wide variety of camping options from more traditional campgrounds to boondocking in the middle of nowhere. Then Harvest Hosts connects you with a number of unique places to stay overnight at no cost.

Use RV Toilet Essentials: If you don't pack certain RV bathroom essentials, you'll find yourself in a very bad spot. Dissolvable toilet paper and scented toilet capsules are important for preventing build up and odors. Even if you use those things properly, you might still end up with a clog in the toilet. For that, pour boiling water down the toilet to unclog it.