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Why it’s better to live in an RV than a house

An increasing number of people having been making the big life decision of transitioning into RV living in recent years. Whether people are going into retirement or looking to live more freely without the constraints of traditional housing, living in an RV has its benefits. For those considering making that move, we went sought out our customers who’ve already done it and gathered their top reasons for why living in an RV is better than a house.


There’s also no need to spend a lot of money on regular housing in a city or suburb as well as a vacation home in the mountains or on the water. The beauty of RV living is you can change where you’re living a lot easier and for nowhere near as much money. All you need to buy is the RV as well as necessities like groceries, gas, and supplies. You’ll avoid a mortgage or rent and many of the utility bills that come with a more traditional home.


The reality is no matter how much you want for it to be the case, not everyone will like you. Similarly, you’re not going to like everyone either. We’ve heard about or experienced our fair share of bad neighbors. It’s something that can make even owning your dream house a lot less enjoyable. When you live in an RV though, you avoid being stuck living next to someone you don’t want to be around. You can simply move to another area.


You can certainly experience great views from your house. In a lot of parts of the country though, that can get to be pretty expensive oftentimes costing you seven figures. In an RV, you can get those same views on a consistent basis for just a fraction of the cost.


Some people are into birdwatching. That can get old though. Others are into going to zoos. Those limit what you can see. When you’re RVing, the possibilities are endless in terms of the types of wildlife you encounter. Rather than being limited to the constraints of what’s around your house, you can travel to take in endless types of wildlife.


As many people get older, they come to regret having not done and seen more. You won’t find that anywhere near as often among RVers especially those doing it full time. It gives you the ultimate freedom to travel the country and live where and how you want.


When living in a house that’s typically at least a couple thousand square feet, household chores can be quite the pain. You’ve probably come to know every square foot of your home that seems much larger via all the time you put into cleaning. Living in a smaller RV makes those tasks a lot easier and quicker. It should take you no more than thirty minutes to clean the inside of an RV.


There’s never a time when realize just how much goes into living in a house than when moving. Chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, most of which you don’t even need. For those wanting to occasionally move to experience new parts of the country, it’s quite the task. Sure we all want necessities like TV, WiFi, showers, etc. You can have all of that, live with a lot less, and create these memories and experiences a lot easier and at lesser price via an RV.


When you’re living in an RV, there’s a lot more time you can spend outside rather than being cooped up indoors in a house. There are a wide variety of campgrounds throughout the country that provide a number of different outdoor experiences for RVers.


In the vast majority of places people life, there’s a common theme of complaining about the weather. It’s among the leading causes people take vacations to briefly escape those times of the year. When you’re RVing though, it’s seemingly one constant vacation where you don’t need to be tied to a single location and the ensuing weather. All you have to do is pack up and drive your RV somewhere else to give you the weather and conditions you desire.


Owning a home comes with more expenses and responsibilities. Among the tedious, time consuming tasks that never go away is everything going into yard work. For those RVing though, this is no longer a concern. There’s simply no yard to take care of.